100Day Challenge

 The 100Day Challenge has changed my life.” (A.B.)

“You are on to something with this 100Day Challenge.  I have tried everything, and this is the first time I was able to escape and clear my head.”  (J.D.)

What is the 100Day Challenge?

Too often the parents of those with addictions lose control of their lives in the struggle to help their addicted children find healing. I know. I did everything I could to help my son, and the results were devastating. I allowed his addiction to adversely impact my career, health, relationships, and emotional stability.

I finally realized I was on the fast-track to codependency. I couldn’t change my son, but I could change myself. That’s when I created a 100 day challenge to regain control of my life. It worked. In fact, it transformed my life beyond my wildest expectations. Since then I’ve been helping the parents of addicted children regain control of their lives. I can do the same for you!

What Will You Receive in your 100Day Challenge?

  •  A 30-minute coaching session to help you create a plan for healthy change.
  • Daily inspirational messages to keep you on track.
  • Bi-weekly conference calls so you can talk with other parents taking the challenge.
  • A copy of the e-book “Seven Steps to Peace and Clarity.”
  • A 100Day Challenge Champion t-shirt when you’re finished.

The 100Day Challenge is for the parents of addicted children, who want to make a significant change in their lives. Your goal might be to create a weekly exercise regime, to be more productive in your career, to regain your emotional stability and peace of mind, to eat healthier, or to do a better job of self-care.

It’s too easy to become sidetracked by the addiction of your child. That helps no one. Instead, do something that will benefit you, as well as your child. Take the 100Day Challenge and transform yourself into the kind of parent your addicted child truly needs.

Yes! I’m ready for significant change in my life. I want to take the 100Day Challenge!


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What do Parents Say About their 100Day Challenge?

“My 100Day Challenge helped me move forward on some personal issues that have been blocking my progress in several areas for years. You may not have known how much you were helping me, but you did, and I am grateful for your support.”  (C.S.)

“Having someone there to encourage me and support me made all the difference.” (K.G.)

“Being able to know you are there, have this group where I can put it out there, and have people that support each other is of great help!” (C.L.)

“For all of you who are doing the 100Day Challenge for the first time, stick with it, give it your all, and really look towards the outcome instead of the daily steps. You will have your challenge in fruition in no time – believe, accept, allow, and let it flow!!!!” (K.L.)

“I feel like I can see the road ahead of me better than I could last year or even the last three or four years.” (M.G.)

“What I took from my first 100Day Challenge was a sense of satisfaction. I’m thinking now about what I learned, and what I’ll be doing next. Keep it up, my friends.” (S.B.)

Okay, I’m ready. I need to do something good for ME.   I’m ready to take the 100Day Challenge!


Still have questions? Email Dave Cooke