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Is your child addicted to drugs or alcohol?

Are you trapped on the emotional roller coaster of addiction?

I can help. I’m an Addiction Coach and an internationally recognized speaker on addiction issues.
I lead parents away from despair and frustration by teaching them how to create an action plan to move their families and addicted children back on track in a healthier direction.

It works! You’ll be amazed at the positive difference an hour of my coaching will make in your situation.
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Are you trying to cope with your child’s addiction?

Are you weary of riding the frustrating rollercoaster of this addiction?

Dave Cooke has the solution to your dilemma, and he’s happy to share it with you.

In fact, it’s become his mission in life.

Dave Cooke is the father of a son addicted to heroin. Like you, he suddenly found himself thrust into a state of confusion, heartache, and despair. And like all parents of addicts, he scrambled to find solid ground when addiction turned his world upside down.

In the process, he created a way to help parents find peace in the midst of chaos. An internationally recognized speaker, Dave’s presentations inspire with energy, commitment, and real solutions for troubled parents. “Thought-provoking” and “powerful” are just two of the descriptions his audiences often apply to his talks.

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