April 2, 2015

An Unconventional Path to Recovery with a Pay it Forward twist

Today’s guest, Chris Aguirre, has been in recovery from alcohol and drugs since 1997. From firsthand experience he knows sobriety may be simple but is not always easy.


Chris shares an interesting recovery story and brings a unique perspective to his conversation.  For Chris, recovery wasn’t connected to a treatment program or sustained by traditional methods. Though he followed an untraditional, somewhat ill-advised path to his recovery, his eighteen year sober journey has been reflective and elightenting.


It is in conjunction with his perspectives of past and present that Chris has made a commitment to be a resource to those who are dealing with their addictions.


In our conversation, Chris comments on:

  • His own challenges dealing with the addiction of a loved one;
  • The joy that comes from witnessing others grow in their sobriety;
  • The power that comes with positively reflecting on your past without trying to hide or forget it;
  • How he found contentment in recovery and life.

We are often blessed by the gifts from those who share their stories and experiences in the conversation and this is certainly one of those enlightening ones! Enjoy!

Follow Chris’ work through his website: Since Right Now



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Dave Cooke is a dad on a mission. His mission is to help parents get control of their lives over the powerful, destructive influences of a child's addiction. As the father of a son in a ten year heroin battle, Dave knows all to well the challenges parents and families face. He also knows there is a way to find peace in the chaos. It is his mission to help parents discover their path to a healthier, balanced life even if a child's active addiction is still part of their daily journey.