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These highly interactive workshops are just a sampling of the many ways the 100 Pedals Culture can impact your organization. Each workshop is custom designed to address the needs and interests of your group.  Some of our more popular topics are listed below.

Creating responsibility, instead of measuring accountability

How much easier would it be to obtain goals and hit projections if everyone on the team wasn’t just being held accountable, but rather, the team was made up of people who were equally committed to the outcome? In this workshop, your team will discover the Three Components of owning their situation, their career and their goals.

Passion: Helping Your Team Discover Themselves will Add to Your Bottom Line

Every team has a superstar and every team has a person whose presence is always being questioned.  In this fun filled workshop, the team learns The Three Realities with living Their Passion and how to connect those realities with the company.

Among the Elite: Companies Embracing Humility

Humility is the core component which allows a company’s culture, processes and business model to adapt to the changing business environment. This highly interactive session is designed to discover Authenticity, Collaboration and Community, the three behaviors an organization must embrace to be agile in today’s changing business world.


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Training and Change

All Leadership boils down to one thing: Changing people’s behaviors.  Don’t believe it? You want odds? Here are the odds, the scientifically studied odds: nine to one. That’s nine to one against you in the effort to change behaviors. No wonder real leadership is so hard and the need for change agents is so strong.

How do you know if YOUR Company needs a CHANGE?

  • If your front line team doesn’t know how to back up your marketing claims, your company needs a change.
  • If your managers are explaining directions over and over again to front line staff who claim to understand but do not adjust their behaviors, your company needs a change.
  • If you ask a handful of employees the following question “why do people use our product or service?” and you get varying answers, your company needs a change.
  • If your management team has different views of the daily priorities, your company need a change.
  • If you haven’t clearly identified the obstacles that might be encountered when striving to reach this year’s goals, your company needs a change.


Embracing Change with the foundation of Training is an unbeatable formula for success and making sustainable changes that create a clear connection between where the company is now and the company of the future.

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