February 15, 2018

When everything is not okay

When everything is not okay, many people hide their struggle from others fearing judgement, or feeling shame or guilt. Today’s “inside the 100Pedals Blog” podcast explores the normalcy of things not being okay and the opportunities which come with them.  Blog reference: http://www.100pedals.com/it-is-okay-to-not-be-okay/ Check out this episode!

100Pedals Talk
February 1, 2018

Parents, tend to your own recovery

Today’s “Inside the Blog” podcast focuses on how parental micro- monitoring adversely impacts a child’s recovery and the best steps for avoid this practice. Blog reference: http://www.100pedals.com/getting-into-your-childs-business-only-creates-confusion/ Check out this episode!

100Pedals Talk
January 25, 2018

Focusing on your trail

When it comes to a child’s addiction, a parent’s essential first-step embracing their personal recovery path. Committing to a path of personal development, education, and healthy support, is fundamentally the most important recovery related activity any parent can engage in. Blog reference: http://www.100pedals.com/two-trails-one-path/ Check out this episode!

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