November 16, 2017

Love and Acceptance

Healing broken relationships require someone step up and to authentically, vulnerably demonstrate their commitment to begin the process. In addiction driven relationships, parents have a great opportunity to change lives,including their own, through authentic love and commitment. This podcast explores these concepts. Blog post reference: Check out this episode!

100Pedals Talk
November 2, 2017

Interrupting patterns and breaking habits

Behaviors and interactions can become habit forming, including our responses to external triggers. Today’s podcast focuses on productive ways to interrupt these patterns and habits. Blog reference: Check out this episode!

100Pedals Talk
October 26, 2017

Managing the inner control freek

Examining the sources of our controlling behaviors and how to shift away from them at critical times. When things start to go in the “wrong direction” our desire to step in and take control increases. Unfortunately, this behavior can often be more destructive than we realize. Blog Reference: Undoing our perceptions of control Check out […]

100Pedals Talk
October 19, 2017

You need to be willing to change, as well

Addiction and recovery, healing and healthy outcomes are all the byproduct of change and transformation. Today’s conversation focuses on the responsibilities of loved ones to embrace change and transformation in their personal recovery activities. Reference blog: Change is a required component of your recovery Check out this episode!

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