October 12, 2017

Healing and Healthy Detachment

A lesson learned this week: My involvement in my son’s recovery isn’t always productive or healthy for either one of us. Today’s conversation: Discovering how to stay detached and at peace. Blog Reference: Facilitating a healthy separation Check out this episode!

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October 5, 2017

The battle to believe in good news

The narrative around my son’s addiction has changed significantly.  Yet, I find myself struggling to trust what I am being told and what I am experiencing. Today’s conversation focuses on how to shift my energy away from fear, doubt and worry and embrace the possibilities of a different day dawning. Blog reference: Struggling to embrace […]

100Pedals Talk
August 10, 2017

You can’t get anywhere unless you are moving

When the wind is in your face and going in difficult, push hard; when it is at your back and you are going downhill, push harder. Reflections on maintaining productive habits even when it seems impossible to do so. Blog reference: Maintaining momentum on your worst day Check out this episode!

100Pedals Talk
August 3, 2017

The Trust Factor

Reflecting on what happens when we lose trust and focusing our energies on regaining it. Blog reference: http://www.100pedals.com/rebuilding-and-redirecting-lost-trust/ Check out this episode!

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July 27, 2017

More sense on nonsense

Reflecting on the realities that Addiction corrupts the mind, resulting in choices which rarely, if ever, make sense. 100Pedals blog: You can’t make sense out of nonsense Check out this episode!

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