November 14, 2016

From Heartache to Hope

It all began with a phone call informing me my son was in jail. What unfolded from that call was a story of homelessness, legal troubles, and a heroin addiction.  This is where my addiction journey began.  In the early stages I learned all about addiction related behaviors. I received a crash course in theft, […]

100Pedals Talk, Addiction Conversation Podcast
November 7, 2016

When parents are on the same page

One of the greatest conflicts that arise as a result of addiction in the family is the impact this has on the parents’ relationship.  Moms and Dads respond to the situation and look at the issue from two different perspectives. At some point in the process, as the addiction adversity increases, the differences in approaches […]

100Pedals Talk, Addiction Conversation Podcast
October 31, 2016

The consequences of our choices

Every parent dealing with the choices and behaviors of child with an addiction struggles with developing and honoring boundaries.  In reality, most parents struggle with clearly defined boundaries and consequences, in general.  Teaching our children and ourselves this lesson is a critical life skill that the entire family benefits from.  The process for creating healthy […]

100Pedals Talk, Addiction Conversation Podcast