March 28, 2011

Celebrating the Little Victories

Day 87: 25.6 miles/1:27

 “Don’t let great ambitions overshadow small success.”

Regardless our hopes, dreams, and ambitions nothing great is accomplished without many small and seemingly insignificant steps.  Sometimes we get caught up in the greatness of our task and the significant amount of time and energy it will take to get there that we can easily undervalue the little accomplishments necessary to keep us moving forward.

This quote is a great reminder that every time we accomplish something, no matter how small, we need to celebrate it for what it is – another successful step on our journey.  As much as we would like to make giant strides and have big wins on our path to success, there are going to me more days where it is the little victories that enable us to maintain momentum.

When Brandon and I work together on his daily accomplishments or his daily gratitude, he struggles with the concept of celebrating what seem to be insignificant, positive occurrences.  He has difficulty giving himself credit for those daily activities that are almost expected – working out, keeping his room in order, applying for a job, etc.  I view each day that any, if not all of those things are done, he is consciously attending to activities that enable him to get to his goals.  Doing none of those means he wasn’t focused.  Completing all of them means he was aware and engaged in a program of accomplishment.  A great conversation with a prospective employer is an accomplishment.  For Brandon, there is no accomplishment without getting a job.  However, a great conversation is one more interaction than he was having three months ago.  This is progress.  It is a small success with big implications.

We can all be way too hard on ourselves and expect that breakthroughs come in large chunks.  That may be true.  However, the momentum that catapults us forward is the result of a lot of little pushes forward until something gives away and we take a giant leap.  Without the little successes there is no momentum.   And, it is far too much pressure to put on ourselves to have a giant accomplishment every day.  Getting to our goal requires a consistent effort.  Little victories are big accomplishments and are to be celebrated as progress on a regular basis.  Enjoy all the success you experience – no matter how small.  Each one brings you closer to your goal.

About Dave Cooke

Dave Cooke is a dad on a mission. His mission is to help parents get control of their lives over the powerful, destructive influences of a child's addiction. As the father of a son in a ten year heroin battle, Dave knows all to well the challenges parents and families face. He also knows there is a way to find peace in the chaos. It is his mission to help parents discover their path to a healthier, balanced life even if a child's active addiction is still part of their daily journey.