David Cooke 100PedalsCoaching program for Parents

100Pedals provides coaching programs for parents for the purpose of helping them better understand the issue of addiction in in their family and well as provide them a healthy foundation for dealing with the conflicts and struggles that arise from it.


  • Educate parents regarding the issue of addiction: Most parents experience the impact of a child’s addiction, few understand the foundational issue they are dealing with. Our program helps parents better understand the worldview of addiction from the eyes of the child.
  • Bring a responsive approach to the situation: Most addiction related behaviors are emotional responses that leave scars, result in poor decisions, and rarely resolve problems. Our coaching process helps parents communicate concisely, with consistency from a place of confidence and loving authority.
  • Bring parents together in a collaborative, unified process: When mom and dad are not on the same page, the person in control of the situation is the addict themselves. As long as they are in control, nothing changes. Our coaching process provides parents with the tools to learn to work together and find agreement in the process of responding to the issues they face.


  1. Assessment: (preferably with both parents): This 30-60 minute session is our introduction to the situation, the experiences, the pain, and the desired outcomes of the parent(s).   You will receive immediate suggestions or guidance as to what actions can be taken and proposed next steps. Whether we proceed forward or not, participants will be provided with suggested reading and homework.
  2. Group coaching: 30-60 minute sessions. It for parents are committed to being actively involved in the learning process together. We will focus on results and experiences from recommended behaviors, new issues and challenge, and any other challenges or concerns that have arisen. As with all sessions, suggested reading and application homework will be assigned.
  3. Individual coaching. Sometimes a little one-on-one time helps. Or, you are a single parent looking to participate in our coaching process. If you are a single parent, the process is quite similar to the group coaching above. If you are a partner parent in a solo session, the purpose of these sessions to help coach you over a specific individual obstacle you are struggling to work through.


  • I am available for coaching sessions as needed. I am based out of Scottsdale, AZ (MST).
  • Schedule time with me through this link to my scheduler: https://calendly.com/davecooke (select “Coaching call with Dave Cooke”)

Fees: 100Pedals is a non-profit charitable organization committed to assisting anyone who asks us for support. For that reason, we do not have a set fee for our coaching services. However, we do request parents consider making a donation to 100Pedals after their sessions to help support the work we do and pay it forward for others. Donation decisions are requests not requirements. Anything contributed to our work is a wonderful gift that is greatly appreciated. Donation requests are sent via email at the end of each coaching session. 

What Other Parents Say About their Coaching Experiences?

“You have had an impact on my life in ways you cannot imagine. You have made such a difference. I will always be grateful for what you have done for me.” (M.T.)

“David Cooke is a great motivator and very knowledgeable to families battling addiction!” (C.W.)

“And my ‘new normal’ now includes a feeling of moving forward in a positive, productive, and loving manner.  My steps towards healing are headed in a great direction…I wanted you to know what a positive light you have been for me.” (S.K.)

“Dave, one of the most impressive aspects of your program is that you help people in this situation to get unstuck. Too many times these parents just get stuck. And, you show them how to do something positive for themselves. This is so important!” (L.S)

“Dave, 100Pedals completely changed my life.” (A.B.)