Cycling for Recovery 2017 (CFR ’17) is a 3300-mile cross country cycling trip from Charleston, SC to San Diego, CA. CFR ’17 will begin Sunday, August 27 and finish on November 10.

Donate to Cycling for Recovery 2017

Donate to CFR ’17

This year 100Pedals will be partnering with Heroes in Recovery and their Heroes 6K Runs.  As part of the Heroes project, 100Pedals will be connecting with people across the route a capturing their addiction recovery stories.  Additionally, 100Pedals will be participating in Heroes 6K runs in Nashville, TN on September 9 and in San Diego, CA on Saturday, November 18.

  • Key stops on this route include (DATES):
    • Nashville, TN (SEP 8-9)
    • New Orleans, LA (SEP 19-20)
    • Houston, TX (SEP 27-28)
    • Dallas, TX (OCT 4-6)
    • Abilene, TX (OCT 10-11)
    • El Paso, TX (OCT 18-19)
    • Tucson, AZ (OCT 24-25)
    • Phoenix, AZ (OCT 31 – NOV 2)
    • San Diego, CA (NOV 10 – NOV 17)

If you would like to find out how you can be a volunteer resource in a local city along the route, please contact Dave Cooke at  Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Donate to Cycling for Recovery 2017

Honor a loved one on the Cycling for Recovery Van on this trip: