Be the leader in a family impacted by substance abuse and addiction

Struggling with the issues of a child using drugs, battling an addiction, or in trouble relating to their substance use?

Dads ‘N Drugs

Provide Dads a safe place to share their struggles navigating this chaos in their family.
Offering several platforms for Dads to work through these challenges…

Weekly conference calls

  • Free and open to any dad wishing to participate
  • A safe, anonymous platform for connecting
  • Share struggles, frustrations, and challenges
  • Find encouragement and support among other dads facing similar challenges
  • Discover how to heal broken relationships within the family
  • Obtain better understanding and insights regarding substance abuse and addiction
  • Assist in redefining their role to help the family navigate this issue
    • Every Monday night from 6:00PM – 7:00PM EST
    • Every Wednesday night from 8:00PM – 9:00PM EST
    • To learn more about this program, contact Dave Cooke at

Individualized, Personal Coaching

  • One-hour coaching sessions with 100Pedals’ Executive Director, Dave Cooke
  • Uncover personal frustrations and challenges
  • Share personal experiences and struggles
  • Facilitate a shift in behaviors and responses
  • Bring healing to broken relationships
  • Develop a personal recovery program
  • Develop a recovery program for the family

About Dave Cooke and 100Pedals

Dave Cooke is a Dad who has been on a roller coaster experience with his son’s ten-year heroin addiction journey. He is all too familiar with the pain of failure and disappointment associated with addiction. In his quest to save his son, his business was nearly ruined, his health suffered, and his personal and family relationships were nearly destroyed.

Once he realized how broken his life had become, he began a journey of personal healing and discovery which has completely transformed all aspects of his life, especially in his family and with his son. Through 100Pedals, Dave is committed to changing lives impacted by substance abuse and addiction. His primary focus is on the family, especially dads, who play such a critical role in guiding the family through their own healing journey from their experiences with the chaos of addiction.

The Dads ‘N Drugs program is exclusively designed for Dads who are in the same place Dave finds himself. Dave is committed to the process of healing through sharing, personal awareness, and trust. As it is often hard for Dads to find a place to openly share their experiences, Dave is committed to providing a safe, secure platform to facilitate a healthy, healing, and personal growth environment.