August 6, 2013

Day 19/20: Summer Drive N Bike — Colorado Springs

Aerial view of the loop around the Academy.  Awesome ride!!

Aerial view of the loop around the Academy. Awesome ride!!

Nothing says “fail” more than not having my trusty GoPro Camera on my bike when I took the most scenic, picturesque, fun, and challenging bike ride of this trip.  I would love to have a great excuse — I have a good reason — not good enough to justify my complete failure to have it with me.

I have downplayed some of the quirky events of my trip.  I chose to ignore them because every journey has its unique little challenges. This one was no different. This time it seemed the gremlins worked overtime on Monday.

Here is what transpired on my journey from Laramie into Colorado Springs.

It all began when I unthinkingly opened a slightly suspicious email.  Upon opening it, I triggered a mass SPAM emailing to all 2300+ contacts in my Google database. For the next several hours I was hammered with emails and text messages asking me about the suspicious validity of this mailing.

As I pulled into Colorado Springs, my phone completely — and I mean completely — crashed, shut down, died.  Left with only the address to the bike shop to get my bike fixed, I somehow found it  — thanks to an exit for the road the shop was on.  Unable to call anyone or look anything up, I had the bike shop print directions to the friend’s house where I was planning on visiting;

When I arrived at the house, no one was home.  Unable to call and find out when they would be home, I tried to fire up my computer and at least get an email to them and look for a phone dealer to help me with my dead phone.

It was then I remembered that I had lost my remote wi-fi card in Portland.  It had not been much of an issue because every hotel had free wi-fi and I had an alive smart-phone.  Now, I had nothing to call or connect with.  I was in the dark and off the grid.

I drove around town, blindly, for the next three hours looking for a Starbucks, a phone dealer, or a Best Buy.  I found none. I finally limped back to my friend’s house and he was just pulling into the driveway.  I was found and saved.

I had exactly 20 minutes to snack, change, and leave for my schedule bike ride with a young cycling association known as the FrontRangers.  In my haste to leave, I left the GoPro in my bag when I quickly unpacked.  And that, is my story.

Once life settled down, I enjoyed a spectacular ride with these young men and some parents around the Air Force Academy.  Words cannot describe how cool the ride was.  There was something extra special taking a slow jaunt around these special grounds — nothing like the experiences of driving it.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and ride with these young men.  They have some great energy and a wonderful passion for cycling.  I also shared a little of the 100Pedals message with them afterward and was honored at having that opportunity.

Sometimes things do not go smooth or easy or as planned.  Sometimes we miss things, leave things behind, or fail to get something done that was on the list.  None of it matters when you make the most of what you have, when you have it, and let that be enough to bring you through the day.

I had a stressful day that ended as all others have on this trip — with a very inspiring and enjoyable experience!!

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