David Cooke 100Pedals

Dave Cooke
Executive Director and Board Chair

"Your contribution to the Cycling for Recovery Ride supports our mission to bring healing to families suffering from the addiction of a loved one, while bringing the addiction conversation out into the open where it belongs."

About TER 2016

Listen as Dave Cooke shares the story of his mission and vision for his inspiring outreach ministry.
What's the money for?
How much is needed?

Transportation & Gas



Bike Parts and Repair

Miscellaneous Expenses

$500 a day is the cost associated with the Cycling for Recovery Project. Your $500 donation supports our mission and our team for a day. Thank you!
What is the Cycling for Recovery Ride?
3,600 mile cross country bicycling mission

Begins: Santa Monica, CA
July 31, 2016

Ends: New York City
October 2, 2016

Events and presentations confirmed (this list is growing):
Kingman, AZ
Flagstaff, AZ
Amarillo, TX
Tulsa, OK
St. Louis, MO
Springfield, IL
Chicago, IL
Detroit, MI
Toledo, OH
Weirton, WV
Pittsburgh, PA
Somerset, PA
Franklinville, NJ
New York, NY

100Pedals is a tax exempt 501c3 organization. 100% of your donation goes toward supporting the Cycling for Recovery 2016 Ride which begins July 31, 2016.