January 10, 2017

Finding peace in those difficult parenting decisions


As parents of a child with an addiction, we are often tasked with making incredibly difficult and challenging choices. It can be quite a battle to decipher the better decisions from the bad ones. And, it is often difficult to move forward without reflecting back on the many options we had and the one we selected.  Second guessing ourselves is an easy habit to get into and a difficult one to break.

Last month I was presented with a challenge that I have been preparing for over the past year. I knew the day would come and when it did, I made the decision that I made. While I still have some discomfort over the action I chose to take, there was a component of it that I was completely at peace with.

One of the many educational components of my journey was learning how to make better decisions and discovering how to become comfortable with both the choice and the outcome.  While I still wrestle with the pros and cons of every action, I have learned to be more at peace with the entire decision making process.

In today’s blogcast, I share the foundation on which this trust and peace in constructed. It doesn’t mean I don’t reflect on my many options before, during, and after the decision; but, it does mean I have learned to more readily let go of the fear and doubt that used to linger in my obsessive mind. In the process, I have found a quiet confidence in my decision-making process that empowers me to have more clarity and decisiveness. And, it frees me from becoming entangled in what I have historically defined as the required outcome of every decision.


If you desire to regain control of your life. If you desire to learn how to make better, stronger, healthier, and more rational decisions. If you don’t know where to start or struggle to stay on task. Let me know.  I would be happy to help you create your personal 100Day plan. It will completely transform your life.

If you are struggling with a loved one’s addiction and are looking for a path to clarity and peace, I am here to help. Contact me now.

You can reach me at: dave@100Pedals.com. Let’s get started now.


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