Thank you for your contribution to 100Pedals and the Honor Wall on the Cycling for Recovery Van.  I am honored you have chosen our van to share your story to help us personalize the issue of addiction to others across the country.

Here is the process to follow to complete your order:

  1. Email me:
  2. Provide the following information
    • Your name
    • What area you wish your block to be posted
      • Praying for those we love
      • Remembering those we have lost
    • What you want included in your block
      • Please note, more text equals a smaller font and will be harder to read from a distance
  3. I will confirm via email what you sent me and the information you have provided
  4. We will be posting blocks on the van in groups of ten (10)
    • Depending upon demand, it may take as long as two weeks before your block is installed
  5. As soon as your block is installed, I will email you a photo for your records and to share as you wish

Share this program with other parents ( It is our objective to have this side of the van completely full when we kick-off the Cycling for Recovery Ride with our departure from Phoenix on August 17.

If you have any other questions, please contact me: Email me: