December 18, 2014

Ibogaine – An Intelligent Process, Not simply a Quick Cure

About this Podcast:

Having heard much enthusiasm for Ibogaine Treatment from parents across the country, it was hard to say “no” to Crossroads Treatment Center when they asked to be part of The Addiction Conversation.

While I didn’t really hear the word “cure” to describe the experiences of parents whose children received Ibogaine treatment, they came close. Reluctantly agreeing to host the team from Crossroads, I was pleasantly surprised at what I learned and heard.

I am hoping that those with addictions and family members of people with addictions will listen very closely to the entirety of this interview.

What you will hear and learn:

Ibogaine is one critical, valuable step in the Crossroad treatment program. Ibogaine provides great benefits in clearing the mind and eliminating the craving. Ibogaine alone would not be enough. The “drug” is not the only piece to this puzzle. There are two other critical steps in the CrossroadsTreatment Center recovery program. These steps are, in many respects, essential to anyone searching for a path to their recovery.

The key to their recovery program is in how the other two steps leverage the benefit of the Ibogaine treatment. Without this three step approach, the “drug” component of this program would not be nearly as successful. The three steps are: Pre-treatment, Detox, Post-treatment.

There are parallel insights in this interview which offer wonderful educational perspectives on the keys to effective and successful recovery, in general. 

Examples of the insights contained in this podcast include:

  • The easy step to treating addiction is the detox component, the challenging task is aftercare and sustained recovery.
  • People know what they need. By creating an authentic space where they can be safe, vulnerable and speak their truth, they can begin to layout and embrace their own recovery plan.
  • When a person comes into a treatment program in a mindset of commitment and dedication to change and not tied to the program to make the change for them, they are much more likely to be successful.
  • Planning and envisioning your future prepares the patient to start working on their future.
  • A patient cannot go into treatment without first cleaning up and changing their environment before they go – otherwise they simply come back to the same stuff.

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