Live with PassionLIVE WITH PASSION

We affect change not by the roles we play but, in the consistency with which we share our unique gifts, talents, and experiences with others.”

Rather than pursue some perceived role of we believed are supposed to be or need to be, passion is really measured and demonstrated by bringing what drives, inspires, and guides you to the forefront in all your activities. Rather than living a life as an actor, we are encourage to live a life is complete and total honor to our unique talents, skills, and abilities in a manner that supports, inspires, and serves others.  Rather than being a cheerleader in our life and pursuing tangible goods, we are better served celebrating our talents and living in honor of those internal mechanisms that give and get us energy.

Live with Passion and the Bike: Just like a bicycle gets all of its energy from the legs of the cyclist, our passion – what drives, inspires, and guides us – is where we get our energy in our life.  This energy is derived internally and there is no external, sustainable resource greater than our internal drivers.

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