Make a CommitmentThe depth of your success is directly related to the intensity of your commitment.”

Once you decide who you are, what you stand for, and where you are going, the next step is making the commitment to doing it.  The challenge with commitment is that few understand what a true commitment is.  As a result, they get distracted by the winds of adversity and lose focus on the mission at hand – the commitment.

Making a commitment is that resolute and conscious choice that says “no matter what” this is the action that is required of me – consistently and continuously applied – that will take me to where I desire to be.   Progress, momentum, and sustainability are all derived from commitment. Without it, we are likely to stumble, struggle, fall down, or stop. Making a commitment and knowing what it takes to honor it defines our outcomes.

Make a Commitment and the Bike: The back set of gears on a bike offer the cyclist an opportunity to find a way to keep moving.  When going uphill or into the wind, the resistance on the bike is greater than going downhill or downwind.  With increased resistance the cyclist can select an easier gear and thus keep moving.  When there is little or no external resistance the cyclist can select a harder gear and really leverage the advantages in the situation.  This is the same as our actions relative to our commitment. When we are committed, finding a way to keep moving – no matter what – will bring us to our destination.

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