MISSION: 100Pedals provides education and coaching programs that help parents and other family member navigate their lives around a loved one’s addiction.

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100Pedals has educated, coached and inspired over 4,000 parents and family members across the country. Our approach facilitates a powerful shift in the perspectives of parents and family members. The result is a healthier family dynamic while providing for productive, transformative interactions with their addicted loved one.

October 11, 2016

Communicating with your addicted child

The question was asked, “how do you talk to your addicted child without pushing them over the edge?” http://traffic.libsyn.com/theaddictionconversation/How_we_communicate.mp3 The answer is easier than you may realize, executing it may take some time and effort. We want so badly to steer them toward recovery, responsibility, change that it is hard to resist the urge to […]

Addiction in the Family, featured, Parenting and Addiction
October 3, 2016

Finding peace in the chaos of addiction

http://traffic.libsyn.com/theaddictionconversation/Somerset_PA_092516.mp3   The last scheduled speaking stop on the Cycling for Recovery Mission was in Somerset, PA on Sunday, September 25. With nearly 35 people attending this event at St. Francis in the Fields Church, I shared the story of my journey with my younger son’s addiction and the impact it had on our family. […]

Addiction in the Family, Cycling for Recovery, featured

What if there were a different way?

What if it was possible to turn your Hope into a result you could live with?
Today’s podcast: Finding a different way and celebrating the result.

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When I learned to Trust

What if you could trust in the outcome? What if it was possible to be at peace with the process?

What if letting go of our fears were not as hard as we make it to be?

Today’s podcast delves deeper into the battle between trust and fear. Listen as I share what it took for me to finally embrace trust and overcome my fears.

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Global Impact of Personal Transformation

When you take control of your life. When you maintain your focus. When you trust in doing what you know you need to do. Your life will change. More incredibly, so will the behaviors of others as they adjust to your new habits and attitudes.

This is the last in this early series about commitment, change, and taking back control of your life and the impact this one decision resulted in change in my life and influenced the lives of those around me.

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