MISSION: 100Pedals provides education and coaching programs which help parents and other family member navigate their lives around a loved one’s addiction.

Since 2011, 100Pedals has educated, coached and inspired over 4,000 parents and family members across the country. Our unique loved ones program has helped heal hundreds of broken relationships and families.

100Pedals focuses on a learning and educational model which goes beyond traditional self-protection, defense based strategies and provides an in-depth understanding to the issue of addiction. Through our programs parents and family members are better equipped to engage their addicted loved one from a place of love and acceptance.

It is our philosophy that a better understanding of a loved one’s struggle with their addiction proactively facilitates a healing process for relationships broken by an addiction.

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March 2, 2015

The Addiction Community – On Support, Stigma, Suggestions

Addiction is not simply a media buzzword, it is a serious societal disease. Addiction is misunderstood, often ignored, seriously under treated, and is killing our children. Addiction is rampaging our homes, our schools, our community, and our society.  It is a highly charged emotional land mine. Over 23 million people suffer from some form of […]

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February 27, 2015


It is 100Pedals mission to help family members and parents discover the educational and inspirational resources to help them deal with the chaos of a loved one’s addiction. As a loved one’s addictive behaviors escalates, living at home is not an option. Many parents struggle with the taking action of not allowing their child to […]

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February 26, 2015

Addiction in the Family – Two Generations, Two Stories, One Giant Gift

http://traffic.libsyn.com/theaddictionconversation/Jeff_Bertolet.mp3 What happens when a father’s recovery journey is not enough to protect his daughter from following her own addiction path? In today’s conversation we hear the story of father who spent a good part of his life fighting to find his recovery to be the dad he knew he could be. And, the subsequent […]

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What if there were a different way?

What if it was possible to turn your Hope into a result you could live with?
Today’s podcast: Finding a different way and celebrating the result.

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When I learned to Trust

What if you could trust in the outcome? What if it was possible to be at peace with the process?

What if letting go of our fears were not as hard as we make it to be?

Today’s podcast delves deeper into the battle between trust and fear. Listen as I share what it took for me to finally embrace trust and overcome my fears.

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Global Impact of Personal Transformation

When you take control of your life. When you maintain your focus. When you trust in doing what you know you need to do. Your life will change. More incredibly, so will the behaviors of others as they adjust to your new habits and attitudes.

This is the last in this early series about commitment, change, and taking back control of your life and the impact this one decision resulted in change in my life and influenced the lives of those around me.

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