We know what parents go through when they discover their child is struggling with an addiction…
Struggling ParentWhat do you do?
Where do you turn?
Who can you go to for help?

I know what it’s like to be that parent looking for answers
  • Trying to find help and hope
  • Struggling to do the right thing
  • Fearful about who to tell or trust
Nobody suffers more than a parent when their child is battling addiction…
You’ve tried everything and nothing helps. You’ve read all the books, you’ve tried to be supportive and encouraging but nothing seems to help. You worry every day, have trouble sleeping, don’t know who to turn to.

You need help, you aren’t sure who to ask, you don’t know where to get answers and you don’t want anyone to know!!

Looking for love, support and guidance? 100Pedals is here to help.Sign-up
A weekly, 90-minute support community exclusively for parents and
family members struggling with a loved one’s addiction

After working with thousands parents just like you, I know how you feel and for the first time ever I am offering safe, confidential online support group to share, learn and grow. You will receive the support, the encouragement, the insights from other parents sharing their stories and looking for assistance just like you.  All from the quiet, safe, and anonymous comfort of home.  OBTAIN MORE INFORMATION. From our personal addiction related experiences of confusion, doubt, fear, guilt, shame, worry, and pain we created this program to give parents the type of resources we needed when we first started our parents of addicted children odyssey. The benefits offered through this support community are…

  • Convenient, safe, confidential, private, and informative
  • Supportive, understanding, insightful, and encouraging
  • These sessions are open to parents and there are NO FEES for attending

For most parents, the shock, pain, and embarrassment of the situation make it difficult to go to meetings and find help, at first. Our on-line community allows parents to safely and anonymously participate, learn, and obtain the answers and support they need the most.

  • Facilitated by a Dad on his own five-year journey with his son’s heroin addiction

100Pedals ProfileDave Cooke has his own parent/addiction story. He has brought this program forward because it was what he wishes he had when he first started his journey nearly five years ago. Knowing how hard it is to ask for help, not knowing where to go or who to trust, he created this program to help parents help others and learn through the sharing process.

  •  Attended by other parents who are:
    • Looking for the same information and asking the same questions you are
    • Living through many of the same experiences
    • Struggling to understand and manage the issues of a child’s addiction
    • Willing to share their worries, concerns, questions, and fears in order to learn
  • Every session features:
    • A focused learning session around each of the 100Pedals’ Four Wheels of Personal Recovery
    • A facilitated discussion for parents to share their concerns and experiences with other parents
    • A personalized action plan for each parent to commit focus on between sessions
    • An option to receive and listen to a recorded version of each session for your continued support. Note: We are committed to creating and providing an anonymous environment. You only share with the group what you want.

Parents Helping ParentsParents who participate in similar programs have found peace in their journey because they discover they are not alone, they learn from the experiences of other parents, and they find hope in the process because they realize there are better options, outcomes, and choices than the limited ones they find on their own. There is strength, power, and opportunity in numbers and we bring these parents together with purpose and love. We are offering two time frames to meet East Coast and West Coast needs:

  • Every Tuesday from 7:00 – 8:30PM Eastern (4:00 – 5:30Pacific).
  • Every Tuesday from 6:30 – 8:00PM Pacific (9:30 – 11:00 Eastern).

For more information contact Dave Cooke, CEO, 100Pedals, Inc. About Dave Cooke: Dave Cooke is an accomplished author, international speaker, and inspiring parent. Having spent much of his professional career as a strategist, personal development professional and executive coach, Dave recently committed his life to following a more powerful, challenging passion – being an inspirational and educational resource to parents dealing with their addiction related issues. As the father of a son with a heroin addiction, Dave has lived, learned, struggled and celebrated the lessons of these dark, painful, and often confusing experiences. He uses these lessons to coach, advise, and support other parents going through their own addiction related battles. His book, “Behind the Dumpster” chronicles his early experiences with his son’s addiction while sharing his life transformation through the process. He also can be followed in his blogs at 100Pedals.