I would like to help you find peace during the chaos, confidence in the storm, plus purpose, focus, and clarity for your life.  

Do you long for those days when you didn’t have that constant, painful reminder your child’s life has completely spiraled out of control.

Does it feel like you have lost your ability to be in control of your life, as well?

Are you longing for support from someone who understands?

 Dave Cooke (1)

I have been there.  I have been that parent who would do anything to fix, cure, love, rescue, or save my child from their addiction. I know what parents go through.  I understand the destructive force that a child’s addiction can have on a parent physically, psychologically, spiritually, and emotionally.  

I also know what it takes to reclaim my life despite the situation my child is in.  I have learned how to regain control of my life, to celebrate the life I have, the person I am, and the gifts I have to offer and share with others.  I have found peace in the storm and know what it takes to transform my life in powerful and positive ways beyond and despite my child’s situation.

My coaching program is based upon the lessons, experiences, and insights from my personal transformation known as 100Pedals. It is from the 100Pedals experiences that I found clarity, purpose, inspiration, and focus.  It is through these lessons I was able to reclaim and transform my life even though my son’s life continued to spiral out of control.

The 100Pedals programs focuses on the following thought processes and approaches:

  1. Learning to be quiet, finding peace and separating from the chaos
  2. Defining and discovering the life you desire and taking control of the outcomes
  3. Committing to the actions that guides and sustains you on your path to your recovery
  4. Discovering how to persevere and maintain momentum in the face of immovable obstacles and overwhelming forces
  5. Know how to acknowledge progress and celebrate accomplishment along the way
  6. Find confidence and energy in levering detachment to make clearer, more empowered decision

Selecting your coaching program:

  • One 60-minute coaching session: Guidance and support to help you address or manage a specific, urgent challenge in your life.  Each 60-minute coaching session is $75.
  • Four 60-minute coaching sessions:  A four week program which focuses on an educational, application oriented curriculum around the 100Pedals process.  All participants receive a copy of the “After-the-Shock” E-book and Workbook which is the primary curriculum and resource guide for this program. The Four Session program is $275.
  • Eight 60-minute coaching sessions:  An eight week education and application oriented curriculum focused around the 100Pedals process.  All participants receive a copy of the “After-the-Shock” E-book and Workbook which is the primary curriculum and resource guide for this program.  This curriculum covers the first four weeks. The other four sessions can be used as follow-up coaching or issue specific coaching in the future. The Eight Session program is $500.

Register for your coaching session here.  I will contact you when I receive your registration information.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 602.903.2074 or contact me.