The Addiction ConversationThe Addiction Conversation is a weekly educational, audio podcast. Each week Dave Cooke interviews today’s most passionate activists for bringing awareness and change to the issue of addiction in our society. The wide ranging list of guests include parents, those in recovery, professional counselors, and experts from the courts, law enforcement and legal profession. This podcast is for parents of adolescent aged or young adult children who:

  • are concerned about the epidemic of addiction in their community
  • has first hand experience with the impact of addiction in their family
  • witnessed a local increase and influence of drug abuse and addiction
  • are actively looking to learn more to be proactively engaged in education, prevention, and support
  • are seeking professional and peer-to-peer resources to provide encouragement, support, insights, or solutions.

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If you have a guest or topic suggestion or a question about the Addiction Conversation, please contact Dave Cooke.  Your suggestions and feedback are critical to the success of this podcast.