Practice HumilityThough our ego is a source of security under threat, the walls that are built blocks out the resources necessary to thrive in the assault.”

No one has the experience, the insights, or the strength to manage every challenge alone, especially the most difficult, troubling, and complex ones. Despite our desire to remain strong, focused, committed and fearless, our ego alone cannot save us. In fact, it can even hurt us. As we gird for the battles in our lives – especially the ones we are most surprised by — looking for external resources and experts, asking for help, admitting our vulnerability and acknowledging fears is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves. 

We are never alone and we never need to be alone.  The strength of our ego can only go so far until it repels what we need the most to succeed in our times of trouble.  Practicing Humility is that act of recognizing our vulnerability in desperate times and having the courage to ask for help, love and guidance.

Practicing Humility and the Bike: The back wheel of the bicycle is practicing humility.  The back wheel of a bike is a metaphor for life. No one ever wants to be placed in the back. Those who are strong, bold, courageous stand out front and lead the way.  The back wheel of the bike provides balance, stability, and security. Practicing Humility reflects a willingness to find security and strength in our vulnerability and our authenticity just like the back wheel of a bike provides balance and stability.

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