100Pedals ProfileAs the father of a son battling his heroin addiction for the past six years, I know what addiction does to the family, to the parents, to the child. Their choices, decisions, and behaviors are both maddening and confusing.

As I interact with parents in workshops, talks, on-line and phone coaching conversations, many parents struggle with the notion of “doing the right thing.”  One thing I have learned is that the only person who really knows what to do is the parent.

Unfortunately, the situation is so emotionally charged, the life and death stakes of the issue seem so high, and the fear of failure or judgment is so strong that many parents actually wrestle with their options and choices much more than they really need to.

The “Four Rules to Live By” audio segment is designed to empower parents to focus on their roles as parents, what they need to learn and understand about themselves in the situation, and find power and authority to take action.

Four Rules to Live By is short, direct, honest, and thought provoking.  To obtain your download, click here.