“Addiction and Parenting: Seven Steps to Peace and Clarity amidst the Chaos ” 

Seven Steps“I don’t know how much more of this I can take.”

“I wish I could find a way to make this stop.”  

“I just want some peace.”  

“No parent should ever have to go through this.”

Being the parent of a child battling addiction is difficult, challenging, and painful. In our quest to save and rescue them, our lives spiral out of control.

I have been there. As my son bounces in and out of recovery, I am still find myself in the moments – then I remember what I learned and put into practice on my addiction journey.

My odyssey began five years ago when I was introduced to the harsh reality of my son’s heroin addiction. Eighteen months into my rescue mission, I realized my son’s addiction has taken control of my life.

Once I became determined to reclaim my life – to have clarity, peace, focus, and purpose in living a life free from the chaos of my son’s addiction – my life changed.  My transformation began with a commitment to take better care of myself and included a challenge to ride my bike for one hour a day for one hundred consecutive days. The outcome of that activity completely changed my life, helped me manage addiction in an entirely different way, and is the reason I am so passionate about using the 100Pedals lessons and experiences to help other parents.

My son’s addictive driven choices will always disturb me; they can no longer interrupt, block, or prevent me from living, enjoying, and celebrating my life.

His addiction does not have the power over me it once did because I discovered how to be in control of the life I live and love.  

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Seven Steps is a powerful guide for parents who find their lives spinning out of control in the face of their child’s addictive choices. This book presents a Seven-Step plan of action for parents to help them begin reclaiming their life which has spiraled out of control dealing with addiction in their family.

Seven Steps reflects the process I followed in my personal transformational journey commonly referred to as 100Pedals. This transformation has brought about a powerful, rewarding, and amazing outcome in my life. I have discovered peace, clarity, and inspiration despite the chaos of my son’s choices around me. In the process of this transformation, I discovered how to:

  • Control only what was in my control and let go of the rest
  • Empower and encourage my son to make his choices
  • Focus on what is important
  • Honor my commitments to myself and others without distraction or exception
  • Find peace in the journey — my journey
  • Celebrate all that I have, not what I desire to have
  • Live, love, and encourage others
  • Move past the pain of my internal disappointment and hurt with hope and joy

It is not easy to be a parent dealing with addiction in our family. An addicted child is fighting a chaotic, deadly, painful battle.  We can fight the battle for them or with them and lose ourselves along the way. Or, we can create an environment where we are strong for ourselves and better able to support our children in the most effective manner.

Seven Steps helps parents seize control over their own lives and enables them to manage their child’s addiction from a more powerful, inspired, and productive place.

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