Regain Control Workbook CoverThis workbook to provides a detailed guide to the Eight Actions outlined in the Regaining Control E-Book. In the workbook, the participant walks through each of the Eight Actions in a deliberate, thought provoking, and engaged process. The keys to my success in changing my life and celebrating better and different outcomes were closely linked to my ability to willingly and readily connect with my emotional library.  It was in my emotional database that I housed all the experiences, pain, and reflection connected my journey with my son’s addiction. Going through a deliberate and intentional reflection of past experiences and struggles created a greater awareness and intensity to change my life.  It is this process of thought and inspiration that I utilize in this workbook to help other parents arrive at a more determined and committed place of change and control.  It is not an easy task to relive the past; but, it is a wonderful place from which to focus on a more determined commitment to changing the present.