DriveNBikeDrive N Bike MapOn July 18, 2013, I left home in Scottsdale, AZ headed for San Diego, CA.  This was the beginning of a 23 day trip along the pacific coast –from Phoenix to San Diego to Seattle and back via the Rocky Mountain states.  As always, I took his trusted bicycle along for a ride.

Affectionately called a “Drive ‘n’ Bike,” I drove over 4400 miles, through nine states, fourteen cities, and biked a total of 450 miles in those cities.

At most of my stops I was able to find rides with fellow cyclists and celebrate the scenery, culture, and charm of each locale.  I also had the honor of making several speaking presentations to various organizations and groups and share my personal story about adversity and accomplishment.  I also took the opportunity to offer my book, “Behind the Dumpster” to those who were interested in learning more about this inspiring story.

Below are the stories of some of my incredible experiences on this journey:

Day One: Departure

Day Two: San Diego

Day Three: Dana Point (Video of Bike Ride)

Day Four: Pebble Beach

Day Five: Santa Cruz

Days Six/Seven: Sacramento (Video of Bike Ride)

Day Eight: Medford, OR

Days Nine/Ten: Portland, OR (Video of Bike Ride)

Day 11: Seattle (Video of Bike Ride)

Day 12: Seattle

Day 13: Road Trip

Day 14: Kennewick, WA (Video of Bike Ride)

Days 15/16: Boise, ID (Video of Bike Ride)

Day 17: Salt Lake City, UT (Video of Bike Ride)

Day 18: Laramie, WY

Day 19/20: Colorado Springs

Day 21/22: Albuquerque, NM (Video of Bike Ride)

Day 23: Home, Scottsdale, AZ