This past summer’s 100Pedals Trip provided me with an awesome experience and inspiration.  To that end, I have challenged myself to take on something bigger and more relevant and meaningful

Beginning March 17, 2013, I have committed to riding my bike across the country – 100Pedals, 100Days, 100Stories: Inspirations from the Road — where I will be speaking to young adults across the country about the power of injecting positive behaviors and activities into their lives.  I will be making a documentary of this entire trip to be used as both an educational, inspirational documentary and a book.   Everyone has a story, an experience, and a personal struggle.  This project is designed to connect with, learn from, and support those – especially young adults — looking for positive opportunities in their lives.  Please help me make this happen!  (View the calendar.  View the route map.)

100Pedals, 100Days, 100Stories: Sharing and Discovering Inspired Journeys

There are three components to this mission:

  1. The Challenge:  There are thousands of people who ride their bike across the United States for a personal cause.  In many respects, my journey is no different.  I love the challenge of pushing myself for 100 days, through 17 states, and over 4500 miles.  This trip is a challenge and I am looking forward to it!!
  2. The Cause: I am committed to be an inspirational resource for young adults.  Today’s youth struggle with so much — self-esteem issues; physical, sexual, alcohol and drug abuse problems; plus, the pressures and demands that seem to force the pressures of adult-like decisions on them at a very early age.  The influences, information, and pressures of society and peers can be overwhelmingly negative and very difficult for younger, less mature minds, to manage, sort and handle. If I can connect and inspire one child a day on this trip by providing them with the applicable, educational tools developed through the 100Pedals experience, I am making a difference in the lives of hundreds of families.  The purpose of these presentations is to educate them on the process for introducing positive thoughts, actions, and behaviors into their life while providing specifically developed methods and programs to accomplish this.  One of these tools, is the documentary itself, to be used as a follow-up tool as well as an informational resource for those who I didn’t have the opportunity to connect with.
  3. The Conversations: The documentary that comes from this project is about capturing the story and the experiences of my bike ride across the United States.  This is my opportunity to document the activities and experiences of my trip as I…
  • Connect with people all across the country
  • Share the passion of my 100Pedals experiences and lessons
  • Provide tools to young adults to help them manage the challenges in their lives
  • Learn from others who are in various phases of their own unique, personal journeys

My Journey: The 100Pedals experience has transformed every aspect of my personal and professional life

I have spent the last ten years of my life delivering keynotes, workshops, educational programs, and developing growth strategies for companies as they work through their growth challenges. I have comfortably braved as normal the pressures, challenges, and adversities of their business environment. My personal adversity has completely altered the perspective of my current business activities.  The work I do with my clients today is intensely more personal as I focus on incorporating the lessons of my experiences in each and every engagement.

As I struggled to cope with the adversity of my son’s addiction, to maintain control of my life in the midst of chaos, I was able to access the love, support and guidance of a community of friends, family and strangers who helped me through my struggle.  There are countless stories of people who have similar experiences or are struggling to find their resources.  This documentary project is committed to capturing and sharing the stories that exist all across our country so that we can inform, inspire, and guide those looking for answers and inspiration.  These are the stories of accomplishment, stories of pain, stories of hope and stories of the struggle through adversity.  More importantly, these are the stories that provide hope, guidance, strength, encouragement and information to everyone!!

Whether we are a parent, an employee, an owner, or a student – we all have a story to tell, a lesson to learn, and a problem to solve.  The mission of this documentary and my ride is collect, assemble and share these lessons and bring an entire community – informed, supported, and inspired – together!

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