100Pedals ProfileYour contribution can change the life of a parent, family member or loved one…

Contributing to the 100Pedals program brings peer-to-peer support to the millions of families dealing with the adversity of addiction in their world.  100Pedals provides a wide range of addiction related educational and support resources to families looking for love, encouragement, advice, and guidance.

Many of the parents who come to 100Pedals for assistance have invested every ounce of energy, time, and financial resources to save, cure and help their children recovery from their addiction.  They have bottomed out and do not have the capability or spirit to invest in their treatment. We MUST be here for these parents as they reach out for love, support, and guidance in their difficult journey.

Our programs are FREE to those looking for help! Every single dollar donated to 100Pedals is used to provide educational and inspirational resources to our parents.

Over the past year, 100Pedals has:

  • Traveled over 10,000 miles (mostly by car) to locally connect with and support parents
  • We have conducted workshops with over 1,00o parents
  • Conducted over 200 coaching and support calls
  • Kicked off several other ongoing support programs and resources (see below)

100Pedals is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. No goods or services were provided for this gift. Please consult your tax advisor regarding specific questions about your deductions.

IRS Code:501(c)(3)
Tax ID Number: 47-1567141

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The programs we offer are:

Parents Helping ParentsAn on-line chat room for parents to connect with other parents. We offer two 90-minute sessions every Tuesday night where parents can go to ask questions, find comfort, talk with others parents. These sessions are a powerful source of support and encouragement.

The Addiction ConversationA weekly podcast where Dave Cooke interviews parents, family members, those in recovery, professionals from the legal and counseling professions, including law enforcement officials, politicians and judges. Each of Dave’s guests bring their experience and their passion to the issues of addiction and substance abuse to inform and educate those looking to learn and understand.

  • Presentations and Workshops:

Daytops 050314 (4) customDave continually volunteers to speak, present, and conduct workshops at treatment facilities, transitional living centers, parent support groups, and other recovery meetings. It is his commitment to share the insights and lessons of his story and his experiences to help inspire others to find love, hope, and opportunity in their chaos.

These programs are not possible without your generous and considered support. With your support and encouragement we can freely provide the assistance that many struggling parents and family members are desperately looking for.

  • Audio and E-book Programs

Three Ways CoverThe audio tape “Three Ways to Rise Above the Addiction Drama” has been downloaded over 250 times and the recently released audio program “Addiction and Parenting: Four Rules to Live By.”  These programs have served as an incredible tool to support parents and bring them into the 100Pedals community.  Every quarter, Dave Cooke, will be offering a new 20-minute audio tape to help guide parents through their daily struggles with a child’s addiction.

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For your considered and generous support, We Thank You!