What parents and other family members are saying about their 100Pedals experiences…

David Cooke is a great motivator and very knowledgeable to families battling addiction!” ~ CW, Phoenix

“And my ‘new normal’ now includes a feeling of moving forward in a positive, productive, and loving manner.  My steps towards healing are headed in a great direction…I wanted you to know what a positive light you have been for me.”  SK, Phoenix

“I just want to thank you for telling your story…I have been pretty much on the same journey as you…I had to write and thank you for all you are doing, I know it is helping me, as a Dad, to know I am not the only one out there with these painful experiences.” ~ CS, Pennsylvania

“Thank you for your talk yesterday. I am the sister of a person with an addiction. Until I heard your story, I had no idea what my parents were going through. I called them today to apologize to them and let them know I now understand. Thanks for opening my eyes.”  ~ KJ, Pennsylvania

“I’m reading a lot of your stuff David Cooke and so many things hit the point perfectly!” ~ Kati C.

“I never know how you do it, but you have always touched me with your posts. Luckily, I feel, see, and know the joy of being a light for some. I am trying to sound egotistical here…just know that yes, even if you never know who you have touched…you have. You, my friend, always touch me. You are the light for so many!”  ~ Kathleen W

“Thank you for speaking last evening in Scranton. I found a lot of strength in your words…Your story told from your point of view was both enlightening and empowering… Your words have changed my life…The gift of clarity you’ve passed to a complete stranger like myself is one I will always be grateful for.”  ~ Sara from Scranton 

“Loved “After-the-Shock,” short and to the point, and not just for recovery…I love what you are doing and your passion for helping parents in the midst of what only can be considered ‘the worst nightmare ever.” ~Belinda M.

Dave, 100Pedals completely changed my life.” ~ A. B.

Dave captures the struggle every parent faces when they set 18 years of love free to make its own decisions. The reality is that sometimes, even when you do everything (mostly) right, things can go wrong for your child. Every parent has faced, or will face, the moment when they have to step back and let their child find their own way. Every parent fears that their child’s own way won’t be what is hoped for. This book provides fantastic insight into how to deal with that reality.” ~ Phoebe B. 

I always know that a book has touched me, when I’m in tears at the end. Yours was one of those. It is so well written and tells such a heartwarming story full of inspiration and hope!  Thank you for sharing your journey! ~ Cathy T.

Dave, one of the most impressive aspects of your program is that you help people in this situation [a child with addiction] to get unstuck. Too many times these parents just get stuck. And, you show them how to do it by doing something positive for themselves. This is so important!” ~ Lori S.

“Dave Cooke has written a raw account of his (continued) painful journey through his son’s heroin addiction. Dave details how he chose to focus on his own positive end result rather than getting sucked into the destructive cycle of addiction. This isn’t a story of the in’s and out’s of drug addiction. This is a story of Dave’s vision, faith and triumph. A must read for those who are going through personal struggle of any kind as the uplifting lesson of 100Pedals is interchangeable.” ~ Marnie W.

You have had an impact on my life in ways you cannot imagine.  You have made such a difference. I will always be grateful for what you have done for me.” ~ M.T.