100pedalsThank you for your interest in the educational video series – The Four Wheels of Personal Leadership. The Four Wheels of Personal Leadership was discovered through my journey through my son’s heroin addiction.  After eighteen months of chasing after him and reacting to his addictive behaviors, I came to the realization my life was being systematically destroyed by his addiction. It was at that moment I challenged myself to gain clarity, focus, and purpose in a life free from his addiction.  That challenge was to ride my bike for one hour a day for one hundred consecutive days. The outcome of those bike rides was an incredible personal transformation that redefined and changed my life. The Four Wheels of Personal Leadership are the inspiring and insightful lesson that emanated from these rides. They guide me daily and I am honored to have the opportunity to share them in this format with you today.  Enjoy! To view each segment, simply click on the window and the video will open in your window.  If you would like a digital copy of the “script” in this series.  Please click here.  Enjoy.

To watch a specific video, simply click on the icon associated with each wheel.

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Introduction to the Series
First Wheel: Embrace Responsibility
Second Wheel: Live with Passion
Third Wheel: Practice Humility
Fourth Wheel: Make a CommitmentWrap-up