Workbook After-the-ShockWorkbook: After-the-Shock is a Personal Recovery Program for Parents!!

In conjunction with the E-Book “After-the-Shock” this Workbook provides a thought provoking, obstacle removing guide for making the changes and adjustments necessary to create your own recovery program.  The Eight Steps defined in After-the-Shock offers a wonderful outline for identifying and following that path, the Workbook takes these lessons to a much higher application oriented level.

Not every path is easy to see, simple to identify, or clearly marked.  The more chaotic our lives, the deeper set our fears and pain, and the foggier or cloudier our view all have an impact our ability to discover and embrace a change in course.  This Workbook takes parents through a deeper and more deliberate process to the changes they desire for their lives. Using the Eight Steps as a guide this Workbook helps parents identify and remove roadblocks that prevent them from creating or defining a different outcome in relation to their current situation.  Change takes time; but, it also takes confidence, clarity and a belief in the outcome.  The application tools that come with this workbook takes parents to a point of clarity, focus, confidence and purpose.

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After-the-Shock  empowers you to focus on caring for yourself during the most difficult of situations and provides you with the steps to a path to discover clarity, focus, peace, and purpose for your life beyond your child’s choices. The greatest gift you can give your child as they struggle to find their recovery is to be strong for yourself in celebrate accomplishments through yours.

Begin the process to change your life today and celebrate opportunities facilitated by your personal recovery program!

To receive your copy of this workbook when it becomes available on March 28,2014 contact Dave Cooke