The framework for taking control of  our life in the face of your child’s addiction based choices.

“Addicts’ lives revolve around their addictions. In turn, people who love the addict start to live their lives around the addict and his or her behavior.” In this addiction oriented vortex parents’ lives can easily take a downward spiral as every failed recovery, confrontation, arrest, and setback is a emotional disaster in their battle to save their son.

Parents, you cannot live on this edge – lost, alone, confused, hurt, physically and emotionally ruined – or cannot save anyone, including yourself, if you are being systematically destroyed by your child’s addiction.

In this workshop, parents will:

  • Begin the process of taking back their lives
  • Learn to better understand what they can and cannot control
  • Understand the difference between control and influence
  • Find peace and focus in choosing how to respond and not react to situations
  • Create a vision for the life they desire in spite of the chaos
  • Discover how positive, clear internal conversations influences external behaviors
  • Embrace the potential for leading by example even if it seems no one is following

The foundation principle in this workshop is based upon The Four Wheels of Personal Leadership


“The Four Wheels of Personal Leadership have evolved from that very first accomplishments in my recovery program from my son’s addiction.  They continue to guide, inspire, and develop me every day.  Regardless of where my son is in his addiction battle, I am able to love him, encourage him, suffer for and with him; but, I cannot be brought down by him and his addiction.” ~ Dave Cooke

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