12717592_1115145998504445_1705082419195085825_nAre you a cyclist?  Are you considering joining the adventure by participating in the Cycling for Recovery Ride?

I would love the companionship of other cyclists. While this will be a great educational outreach and ministry, it also presents a great opportunity for an exciting road trip adventure.

The Cycling for Recovery Ride has been broken into weekly increments specifically for the purposes of encouraging others to find a week to ride along and share in the experience.

For $500 you can join the ride for any week.

You are responsible for:

  • Bringing your bike
  • Bringing your own gear – camping (tent, sleeping bag, etc.) and spare parts
  • For making arrangements to get home from wherever you finish

We will provide:

  • Transportation support to haul your gear and stuff
  • There will be a support vehicle riding along at all times to provide access for simple mechanical issues.
  • We will feed you!

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Dave Cooke.

Below is the weekly calendar.  For specific details on the schedule for that week click here.  The average daily ride is always between 60 – 80 miles.  Come join me!!

WeekStart DateStart LocationFinish DateFinish LocationTotal Miles
Total Days
July 31
Santa Monica, CASaturday
August 6
Flagstaff, AZ540 miles
7 days

August 8
Flagstaff, AZFriday
August 12
Albuquerque, NM335 miles
5 days
August 14
Albuquerque, NMFriday
August 19
Amarillo, TX382 miles
6 days
August 21
Amarillo, TXFriday
August 26
Tulsa, OK390 miles
5 days
August 29
Tulsa, OKSunday
September 4
St. Louis, MO455 miles
7 days
September 6
St. Louis, MOSaturday
September 10
Chicago, IL316 miles
5 days
September 12
Chicago, ILFriday
September 16
Detroit, MI374 miles
5 days
September 19
Detroit, MIFriday
September 23
Pittsburgh, PA331 Miles
5 days
September 25
Pittsburgh, PASunday
October 2
New York City547 Miles
8 days